Understanding the business is the key to success in management audit and at KCM we ensure understanding of business as management and review the processes as auditor to provide the best value to the client.

The complex business scenario, increasing regulations and governance, globalisation and increased competition in the markets have increased the complexity of business. The complexity is further intensified by the complex regulations in India and world over, pervasive nature of Information Technology, various risks posed to the business including Financial Risk, Business Risk and Governance Risk, and shortage of skilled professionals. Risk management is a big concern for both audit committees and senior management in corporations internally.

Our professionals approach the assignments with a risk-based approach to help the Company in effective evaluation of transactions, business, internal controls and assets, along with ensuring solution based, precise reporting.

The advantage is a well trained and experienced team to verify the effectiveness of management and controls from macro as well as micro level. We ensure evaluation so as to provide precise assessment useful from the board rooms to the lowest levels in the organisation's hierarchy.

Control Testing

  • Internal Audit
  • SOX Compliance Review
  • IT System Audit
  • Retail Chain Audit
  • Stock Audit

Control Enhancement

  • Transaction Verification
  • Audit
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Verification
  • Fixed Asset Verification


  • Internal Control Design
  • IT System Risk Management
  • ERP Gap Analysis
  • Fraud Investigation
  • ISO Compliance Audit
  • Operational Audit