KCM provides full spectrum of services in the area of mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, joint ventures, exits, PE investment and collaborations. With the experience of handling diverse assignments across various industries, KCM brings significant value for its clients and their transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions are the order of the day. More and more businesses are looking at inorganic growth by acquisitions and strategic alliances or speeding up their organic growth by having a strategic investor. India is opening up to domestic M & A as well as increased activity in inbound and outbound cross-border M & A.

While many organizations struggle, there are enterprises with strong balance sheets and good economic performance that are well positioned for exercising inorganic growth options and may find the current environment highly conducive to creating value from acquisitions.

Each industry has its own nuances with respect to risks, valuation, compliance and deal structuring. Ever changing government regulations and increased complexity of cross-border transactions throw unique challenges to each M & A opportunity. The team of KCM is well-equipped and experienced to steer the transaction through the maze of complexities and bring successful closure to a deal. KCM enables a business to take strategic decision for M & A considering the overall growth strategy and market situation of a particular industry.

M & A Practice Areas

  • Front-ending the deal
  • Business Valuations
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Legal Compliance
  • Buyer-side support
  • Seller-side support
  • Regulatory filings and Approvals
  • Securities Compliance and Reporting
  • M&A Taxation
  • Documentation

M & A Experience

  • Domestic and Cross-Border Transaction
  • Going Private Transaction
  • Joint venture and other Strategic alliance
  • Technical Collaboration
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Private Equity Deal
  • Restructuring and Reorganisation
  • Stock and Asset Acquisition
  • Hostile Takeover Proposal
  • Takeover Defence
  • Tender Offer and Exchange Offer

Our breadth of M & A, combined with our day-to-day involvement with markets, enables us to provide prudent advice of the highest quality on all types of deals while remaining rooted to the reality of the market place. KCM has associates in different jurisdictions, which enables us to assemble an integrated team of professionals who are well suited for the transaction. M & A requires cross-disciplinary approach, for which KCM sources its professionals from different practice areas. KCM prides itself for finding very creative resolutions to complex deal issues.

The complex business environment requires pooling of financial and technical resources along with sharing of risks. Many organizations look at joint ventures as an ideal tool for meeting these objectives. KCM advises its clients in JV strategies, including helping its clients to evaluate a potential JV partner for suitability, considering the objectives for entering into a Joint Venture. Structuring a Joint Venture is critical, as it must address the diverse objectives of two or more partners. The foreign companies have been actively pursuing JV opportunities in India and KCM has helped many such companies from different jurisdictions to formalize their JV and have also helped them in monitoring the JV relationship on an on-going basis. More and more Indian businesses have set-up JVs outside India, either in a green-field or a brown-field project. KCM has led the team of its client for the JV formation process, including negotiating with the JV partner for the terms of engagement.

The services of KCM includes structuring the JV, support in legal, financial and commercial terms, drafting of agreements, negotiations and discussions with the JV partner, valuations and feasibility studies of the projects, and so forth. Our experience is across several territories and jurisdictions and involves different industrial segments, including technology, infrastructure, communication, manufacturing and services.

At times, various entities within a group may be required to be merged into a single corporate entity for various reasons like tax efficiency, creation of synergy, cost efficiency and reduction of compliances. This requires expert structuring and designing of the merger strategy for implementing it in the most efficient manner. KCM helps its clients to execute these processes in the most cost effective manner.