The KCM Experience

Specialists working ‘cohesively’

KCM has a dedicated team of specialists for every service line, from Executive to Partner. However, what is more important is that specialists from different service lines don’t work in ‘silos’. These specialists work cohesively and seamlessly with the prime objective of providing ‘best services to our clients’.

Customised Solutions to Client Needs

KCM believes in developing and delivering customised solutions and not in merely offering ready-to-implement solutions. We adopt a bespoke approach to each client’s needs. In developing customised solutions, we first identify the problem, consider the client’s objectives, limit the parameters and focus on practical & commercial considerations.

Deep-rooted Integrity

Integrity is one of the robust pillars of the organisation. ‘Relativity applies to Physics, Not Ethics’ – this is not merely a statement inscribed on one of the walls of our office, we literally live by this. No matter what the outcome is, no matter who the person is – Integrity and honesty are non-negotiable.

Attitude of Problem Solving

We do not stop with identification of the problem; we start from there. Our people approach each project with a positive mindset with the ultimate objective of arriving at a solution; which helps us think in the right direction with a methodical approach. This approach, coupled with innovation and technical expertise, help deliver the most optimal solutions.

Implementing Best Practices

At KCM, we are always open to improving ourselves. Be it processes, deliverables, technical skills or an overall experience, we constantly try to benchmark our practices with the best. We identify shortcomings and try to overcome them by implementing the best practices. This helps us to significantly raise our standards, which in turn, raises expectations from the client and the cycle continues.

Global Experience

Over the years, KCM has evolved into a global outreach firm by working with multinationals across different regions, cultures, regulatory regimes and practices. KCM is a member of BKR International, one of the leading accounting associations worldwide, and through it, has access to professional colleagues from more than 75 countries to support its clients.

Robust Client Feedback System

KCM has a strict client feedback system whereby we seek feedback from the client after the assignment is complete. At KCM, it is not merely a process, it is a journey of introspection, and the feedbacks are evaluated objectively and constructively by our Mentors. A unique step of our client feedback system is that of our Mentors meeting up with identified clients to understand their perspectives / expectations. The feedback percolates down onto the client-service team. Our clients have been a witness to the changes in client service post feedback and this reflects in their subsequent feedbacks.