People and Culture

Working at KCM

Working at K C Mehta & Co LLP provides an unmatched chance to collaborate with most resourceful personalities, creative minds and industry leaders who sit at the very front of making and keeping up with creative and effective associations.

KCM prides itself with a very young, energetic and resourceful team of 400+ people across all its locations. We strongly believe that it’s people who build the culture and organisation and this virtue becomes the guiding parameter in all our decisions.


Driven by passion, we're thrilled at being a part of the worldwide transformation exertion!

At KCM, we are driven by philosophy to make it one of the most exciting places to work. KCM provides space to be creative, express freely, accepts challengers who in turn drive people at KCM to deliver their best.

People are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas without having the baggage of being governed by the conventional wisdom of doing things in a particular way.

In fact, we would welcome those who challenge what is ‘in-vogue’ (rather than those who are admirers or followers) as this attitude brings the best in you and leads to higher satisfaction.

While we have an organisation that is young at heart, our core values remain intact even after six decades. Integrity and honesty are non-negotiable, no matter what the outcome could be, irrespective of the level of person at the firm.

Career Progression and Personal Growth

Be it a self-grown or a lateral hire, KCM acknowledges individuals for their uniqueness and embraces them for being their authentic selves. Diversity amongst people brings in the much-needed variety of perspective and a balance of enthusiasm and experience.

KCM identifies high-potential talents and provides them with accelerated growth via guided mentorships by placing them under leaders. KCM thus offers complete support, specialised training, and diverse exposure to the professionals through quality assignments, leading to a multi-faceted growth of the individual.

People Connect

People Connect at KCM is hierarchy-less and is rather woven with the thread of ‘philosophy’!

People at KCM represent different ethnicities, cultures, genders, capabilities and experiences. A diversity inclusive workplace, KCM provides a sustainable competitive advantage where everyone is equipped with a potential chance to take an interest, contribute and develop.

Teams @ KCM are representations of untangling work with workplace! KCM is driven by collaboration, nurtures healthy relationships and promotes knowledge-sharing, regardless of work locations.

Every milestone is celebrated in its own unique way, and that happens quite often at KCM!