Business Confidence Through Assurance
Our risk-based, process driven approach coupled with technical knowledge signifies the depth and breadth of KCM’s Assurance function.

KCM's uncompromising approach in delivering independent audit opinion enables the stakeholders to have a true and fair view about the financial statements in tune with the expectations of the statute. KCM has six decades of audit experience helping it build robust audit processes across segments and the technical knowledge is kept updated with continuous training in emerging areas, techniques and platforms for accounting and auditing.

We customise our approach and methodology across the full spectrum of industries and business models, be it manufacturing, infrastructure, power, oil & gas, telecom, FMCG or IT services.

Robust Audit Practices coupled with smart use of Technology for risk-based sampling process enables KCM to strengthen and streamline procedures.

Our Team has years of experience working on different ERP platforms that gives an edge in the digital era.

Audit under different accounting frameworks (IGAAP, Ind AS, IFRS, etc.)

March financials for Tax Audit

Overseas subsidiary audit / Global perspective – At times, MNCs require fairness opinion with respect to entities which are not mandated to be audited under statute. In such cases, we conduct assurance engagements in respect of those companies.

We are empanelled as a Category 1 Audit Firm by Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG) of India, which echoes the capabilities of KCM to serve large to very large clients.

Peer Reviewed from 2003 to 2021