Student Mentorship

One of the biggest flexes of KCM is the pool of Articles that pass out each passing year. They are our best brand ambassadors that mark our niche in the market and make our cut above the rest. The network adding up to a couple thousands of Alumnus is quite literally the Net-worth of KCM.

The thought mentorship during the tenure of Articleship is a mix of both holistic and buddy-system framework for overall work related and personality development guidance. Our three Senior Mentors actively invest into each Article's progress and development by meeting them individually in-person from the time they join, reviewing their progress against projection, mid-term, and taking collective feedbacks for improvement when they end their tenure.

We offer a well-articulated practical training, understand the student’s perspective for that they are here for (to learn and not to deliver) and chart out their progressions with each passing year.

Articles are rotated throughout their tenure, to different service lines, to provide them a deeper understanding of their career trajectory and to be successful therein. Not just that, they are provided with a platform of KCM Conclave to enhance their presentation, public speaking and competitive skills for their overall personality development.

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