You define the destination; we strategise the journey!
Our Senior Partners bring in decades of experience and work along with you to take your business to the next level, both organically and inorganically by defining clear and implementable strategies.

As organisations grow and expand over time, strategic reorganisation of existing structures becomes inevitable to survive and increase value. As it is rightly said, change is the only constant, and revisiting the organisation structure at every stage of the business becomes crucial to ensure a competitive edge and proactive anticipation of the demands of the industry, marketplace and stakeholder expectations.

We provide strategic advisory to the top leadership and / or owners of industrial houses and professional firms and help in implementing the suggested strategy using multi-disciplinary teams.

The services in this area are wide ranging and include the services in the nature of organic and inorganic growth strategy in terms of emerging areas, new territories, strategic alliances, product or service portfolio, organisation bandwidth and related areas. The services also include forging new alliances or separating the existing partnership or distribution of assets / businesses between the partners, families or arriving at understanding, settlement or partition in the families.

This service is led by the senior-most partners of the firm who bring to the table their vast experience in dealing with complex situations. We also work with inhouse and external service providers, while taking leadership in coordinating the efforts of all the teams, which in many cases are multi-territorial.

The Firm, with its pool of multi-disciplinary experts and reach in several jurisdictions, is able to provide its clients solutions covering not only tax and regulatory aspects but also strategic aspects about future business sustainability.

Some of the niche areas in which our strategic advisory or mentorship services play very crucial roles are listed for reference.

We help industrial and professional groups in evolving and implementing their M & A strategy, including profiling the potential target or investor, be it strategic or financial - considering the objectives to be achieved by way of M & A. Considering the objectives, we help the industrial groups to identify the most suitable strategy for their growth or an eventual exit of stakeholders maximising their value.

The focal objective of our services in this area is to make the organisation ready for an eventual transaction (including going public). Our services in this area includes setting-up governance practices, improving quality of earnings, focus on a particular product-group or change of product-mix, forging new alliances or getting rid of value-diminishing businesses, improving ESG scores, etc.

Our understanding of market dynamics and experience in dealing with numerous transactions as part of Transaction Advisory Services (end-to-end services in relation to the transaction) help us enormously in choosing the right path and identifying the areas to be strengthened before eventual transaction.

We have been involved in numerous Joint Ventures, including acqui-JV where the promoters get a staggered exit that ensures value maximisation for them. Apart from the standard tools, we have used tools like call and put options, accelerated exit on default, intricate non-compete clause using global distribution and cross-licensing arrangements, exit value protection mechanisms for minority investors, etc. The range of joint ventures include representing majority or minority partners, domestic or foreign investor, long term JV in greenfield project to finite JV in a brownfield project, across industrial segments and territories.

Considering our network of Indian companies, we have been the preferred choice for many Indian and foreign corporations interested in gaining a foothold in India. We have also been working on finding an ideal Indian partner to hold hands for a foreign entity proposing to enter India and also work for finding appropriate international partner for forays of Indian entities outside India.

Considering our policy of high levels of ethical standards and integrity, we are generally treated as a common and sole mediator / arbitrator amongst the disputed parties. We have worked in complicated and high-value family partitions, often involving multiple families, multiple company and non-corporate assets, and assets located in different parts of the world. We have carried out end-to-end handholding, including understanding the stakeholders’ requirements, innovative ways for valuation, segregation of assets, implementation of the arrangement, etc. We have used our deep involvement and legal expertise to ensure that there is an amicable and sustainable post-partition structure.

We also give mentorship to the owners with respect to their succession plans, including mentorship not only to the successor but the predecessor, and we consider mentorship to both are equally important. We have successfully managed the succession plan in the business houses. We also support groups in reorganising their businesses to suit the future aspirations, funding plans, growth prospects, exit strategies, alliances or joint venture possibilities, valuation, listing and other objectives including tax optimisation. While we believe paying a fair share of tax is most important for an organisation, the tax and cost leakages should be avoided, and our efforts are to minimise the tax and cost leakages in the restructuring exercises.