Helping your movement across borders
KCM’s expatriate services team seeks to assist the smooth transition of people across geographies in a tax and regulatory efficient manner

Cross-border mobility of people is a critical facet of going global. Also, advanced digitalisation and growing ‘work from home’ momentum have been redefining workplaces and shifting the locus of people. At KCM, our expatriate services team seeks to hold hands in the tax-and-regulatory-efficient transition of people across geographies.

Once you enter India, we conduct an Entry Interview / meeting with you and provide you with a detailed understanding about Indian tax and regulatory environment based on your facts. During your stay in India, we help you undertake your compliances and advise you from time to time. Once you decide to move back to your home country, we conduct an Exit Interview with you to ensure that all the necessary compliances have been undertaken and necessary approvals are obtained before moving back to the home country.

Our tailored solutions for expatriate services include advising and assisting at each stage of the expatriate in India -

  • Advising on inbound and outbound deputation and secondment arrangements
  • Advising on tax-efficient compensation structuring (including perks, allowances, etc.)
  • Employee incentives including ESOPs and phantom stocks
  • Social security contributions and implications under agreements
  • Taxation of global non-residents
  • Implications under foreign exchange control regulations
  • Indirect taxes, labour laws, black money act and various applicable regulations
  • Drafting of deputation / secondment agreements
  • Identifying and addressing challenges with respect to permanent establishments and place of effective management tests
  • Addressing issues under exchange control regulations
  • Withholding taxes, foreign tax credits, other income tax implications in light of domestic tax laws read with tax treaties
  • FRRO registration within 14 days of arrival in India
  • Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) in India for the deputed / seconded employee
  • Obtaining Aadhar Card number, if deputed / seconded employee to be resident in India, if required
  • Assistance in obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Obtaining an exit permit from FRRO at the time of departure from India
  • Assistance in obtaining a No-Objection Certificate (at the time of departure from India) from Income-tax authorities
  • Externalisation and internalisation of assets upon a change in residential status
  • Assist multinational enterprises and HNIs in timely tax and regulatory filings and compliances
  • Assistance in filing of withholding tax returns for company and tax returns for deputed / seconded employee
  • Appearing before various tax and regulatory forums and making representations on complex matters in this area

The Expatriate services team includes experts in handling tax & regulatory matters pertaining to expatriates. KCM has supported hundreds of expatriates in advising and carrying out tax & regulatory compliances in India, including expatriates from Japan, Taiwan, China, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, etc. These include some extremely complex matters pertaining to obtaining registrations and approvals from FRRO and highly complex tax matters.