Global Tax Expertise at your footsteps
With decades of international tax experience, our specialists help businesses navigate through the unchartered cross-border journey

With the increasing cross-border trade, it becomes imperative for business houses to ensure that the tax impact on their transactions, especially cross-border transactions are factored appropriately in any decision-making process. Further, the tax laws across borders are ever-evolving, considering the newer ways and means of undertaking businesses. To support its clientele in this regard, KCM has a specialist team dedicated to providing International Tax services.

BEPS initiatives have changed conventional international tax laws to rewrite cross-border tax rules in view to make it commensurate with present business models. The International tax rules are evolving faster than ever. Dedicated and specialised team at KCM advises its clients on proactive basis enabling them to keep their cross-border transactions tax optimised.

Various areas catered to within the realm of International Tax Services include:

Cross-border business requirements often necessitate appropriate structuring of investments, both inbound and outbound. We understand such commercial and business parameters and assist clients in evaluating and implementing effective investment structures taking into consideration cross-border tax and regulatory aspects. In these times driven by technology, IPR reflects the value of businesses. We also assist our clients in having IPR holding structures that are robust and sustainable in the long run.

MNCs undertake a lot of intra-group transactions (apart from third party transactions) and accordingly, structuring the transactions taking into consideration permissibility, regulatory issues and tax impact surrounding such transactions becomes crucial. Our experts assist our clients by providing pre-transaction advice as well as support during implementation of transactions.

Tax Laws across the globe are ever-evolving. OECD’s Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plans are being adopted / implemented by countries worldwide, either in principle or in totality. It becomes important for business houses to keep pace with such changes and ensure compliance with the changes ensuring identification of areas of potential tax leakage or tax saving. Our Team Members assist clientele in undertaking an impact analysis of such changes and suggest areas of improvement and improvisation.

With rising cross-border businesses, movement of employees is inevitable. This mandates companies to have an in-depth understanding of the tax and regulatory aspects of employee mobility, both in the home and host country and plan the movement considering the same well in advance. We support our clientele in various stages of employee mobility, starting with planning the movement structure taking into consideration tax and regulatory issues like Permanent Establishment, tax laws of home and host countries, exchange control regulations, GST, visa requirements, etc. We further provide assistance during implementation and post implementation in terms of advising and undertaking necessary compliances for expatriates.

Indian Tax Law, at times, requires foreign entities undertaking businesses in or with India to undertake certain tax compliances like obtaining Tax Registrations, filing of tax returns, etc.

One of the major apprehensions that MNCs face while coming to India is certainty in taxes and the need to engage in continuous dialogue with tax authorities. We have an experienced Team that can assist clients in various forms of representation, including:

  • Obtaining an Advance Ruling to get tax certainty
  • Advising on and implementation support for Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP)
  • Representation with Tax Officers (both under the Faceless Model and physical hearings)
  • Representations before various levels of Appellate authorities and along with Senior Counsels

KCM provides legitimate, practical and holistic solutions to its clientele and does not stop just by providing answers. KCM provides solutions that are achievable, robust and viable in the long run by identifying and mitigating any potential tax risk associated thereto thereby avoiding unwanted surprises for clients. In any cross-border transaction, structure or movement, either inbound or outbound, it is natural for clients to be unaware of certain tax complications, especially on the other side of the border. KCM helps bridge this gap by making its clientele aware about the cross-border laws and thereby arriving at effective and efficient international tax solutions.

International Tax Team at KCM comes with decades of experience led by Arpit Jain, Practice Leader, International Tax & Transfer Pricing Services. The team comprises experienced and thorough professionals both, who have grown within KCM and those who have worked in other consulting firms including Big 4 firms in the past. Team members have prior experience of assisting clients from across borders.

KCM has been consistently recognised by International Tax Review (ITR) as a Leading Tax Firm / Recommended Firm in India since 2014. Arpit Jain has been named as one of the Top 100 People Managers in India by Great Managers Institute along with Forbes India.