Looking beyond the obvious, from intuition to interrogation
Our interviewers and investigators have an extensive knowledge of psychology, gained over the years with experience that not only helps in fraud detection but also helps in avoiding a potential fraud.

With ever-growing threats of financial misconduct, frauds, mishandling of public funds which are looming large across entities and financial sector, the importance of FAI has rightly been acknowledged by stakeholders worldwide and has been gaining huge traction. It is a field that requires a combination of accounting, auditing and investigative skills. It allows the professionals to bring value to businesses, banks/financial institutions, non-profit organisations, governments and law enforcement agencies.

The fraud perpetrators are smart & deceptive and devise strategies & unique methods to disguise their wrongdoings, which are highly prone to non-discovery. Therefore, it would not be out of place to say that a new era of FAI has ushered in. Today, FAI has started becoming a fully-formed profession that has evolved as the business world has changed and progressed, both domestically and internationally.

In any FAI engagement, all activities are centred around finding the truth. Therefore, the primary objective of any FAI professional is to unearth the reality behind every allegation or dispute, which in turn shall be based on facts, figures and evidential matter. Establishing what actually occurred is of utmost and prime importance. The professionals would therefore need to remain cautious of being misled in a direction that may sway them away from the truth

Keeping at fore the fact that professionals in FAI field require meticulous attention to detailing and excellent numeracy skills - combined with an investigative mindset, KCM has, over the years, built a unique pool of talent in FAI field. KCM has ingrained the fundamental trait demanded from FAI professionals i.e., to ensure that professional’s personal judgement and biases find no place in the forensic exercise. Personal perspectives are required to be segregated from professional judgement, which in turn shall not be clouded by contamination or noise in the evidence.

The KCM FAI Team has ensured client satisfaction by unearthing “seldom-thought-of” cases of fund misappropriation, misconduct and frauds, and brought out eye-opening findings through their analytical, inquisitive, intuitive, ethical, cynical, and detail-oriented approach. KCM believes that it is not just enough to analyse financial data in conventional manner. Contextualisation of Situation, “Looking beyond obvious” approach, Identification and Deciphering of subtle patterns or abnormalities in financial data through use of unconventional methods remains at core of FAI.

KCM Team members are talented interviewers and/or interrogators with an extensive knowledge of psychology gained over the years.

KCM also assist businesses to identify potential fraud and/or business revenue loss through forensic research and analysis of entity’s data. We also develop risk reduction and fraud prevention procedures to ensure accurate financial management for the entities.